Road Trippin’

3 Act Math

Act 1

Box Dimensions
1. Will there be enough gas to get to Belton? What about Temple?
2. Write down a guess.

Act 2

3. What information would be useful to figure this out?
4. Write down some questions you have in your head right now.
Box Dimensions
Box Dimensions

Act 3


5. How does this situation represent inequalities?
6. How does this situation relate to slope (rate of change)?
7. Write and graph an inequality representing the drive to Belton.
8. Write and graph an inequality representing the drive to Temple.
9. Where would the car eventually run out of gas?

Common Core Standards
Understand ratio concepts and use ratio reasoning to solve problems.
represent mathematical and real-world problems involving ratios and rates using scale factors, tables, graphs, and proportions

Credits: US News

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