Linear Re-Engage: Styrofoam Cups

50 Minute Class, Algebra 1, Curriculum

Learning Goal: Re-Engage with linear functions and prepare learners to see how linear applications all fit together from the year.

3 Act Math:



  • Common Core
    • HSF.BF.A.1 – Write a function that describes a relationship between two quantities.
    • HSF.LE.A.1.B – Recognize situations in which one quantity changes at a constant rate per unit interval relative to another.
  • TEKS (2015-16)
    • A.2(C) – write linear equations in two variables given a table of values, a graph, and a verbal description
    • A.3(C) – graph linear functions on the coordinate plane and identify key features, including x-intercept, y-intercept, zeros, and slope, in mathematical and real-world problems

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