Student-Created Review

Algebra 1, Curriculum

We are reviewing for our state exam (STAAR here in Texas), and we’ve hit that inevitable point in the review process where everyone is tired of reviewing. So, we mixed it up with some Google Slides collaboration.


There are slides with 10 of the most important concepts from the year. The goal is for the kids to work together to create a custom review guide for each topic. Here are some of the features.

Each slide title can be clicked to take the students to a video about the topic in case they need a refresher.

Video Link Pic - Student Created Review

The students have to either find a picture online or draw their own representing the concept. Cathy Yenca shared an awesome site ( that easily allows students to draw something cool.

Student Created STAAR Review - Drawing

autodraw example

A section for students to list everything they remember about the topic, advice for approaching it, etc.

Student Created Review - List

A space to create their own test question. Also, there is a link to sample STAAR questions about the concept in order to give the kids ideas.

Student Created Review - Question


  1. Give the students this link ( It’ll force them to make a copy that is placed in their Google Drive to edit however they’d like.
  2. Show them some of the slide features (link to refresher video,, how to create a Desmos graph and export its image for their questions).
  3. Students can choose to share their slides with a partner or group. This allows them to work on the same slides simultaneously and is really helpful for conversations.
  4. The activity took 2 class periods (50 minute classes).

That’s a quick draft of the lesson. Feel free to share ideas for improvement or questions for clarification.

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