Algebra 2

Use this resource a lot. Keep this in mind when designing.

My Curriculum Map


This curriculum is based on a schedule with 50 minute classes.
Day 1 – Introduction
Day 2 – Laying the Foundation for Groupwork

2 thoughts on “Algebra 2

  1. I love your curriculum progressions for Algebra 1 and Geometry. I stumbled upon this page. Is it under construction, or is this a deliberate journey into your brain? I feel like I totally understand how you piece things together, but wow! This process takes so much work! If this page does become developed like the others, please let me know. (Or I will probably just check back, anyways.)
    Thank you for the infinite inspiration,

    1. Haha thank you so much for the kind words, Vito! I really appreciate it and am glad the curriculum has been a hit for you.

      This page is just a spot that I dump any resources I find online. At one point, I was hopeful that I’d teach Algebra 2, so this was a place to store things before diving into the curriculum work.

      Unfortunately, it’s not likely I’ll end up teaching this class, so it’ll probably stay as is.

      Thanks again for the encouragement! Feel free to send questions or feedback for improvement any time!

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