Google Classroom

First Steps

1 – Create a Class

Go to, click the plus sign, and click “Create Class.”

2 – Create a Resources Topic

Create a topic titled, “Resources” for items that students may need to reference throughout the year (i.e. Syllabus, Class Policies, Websites, etc.).

3 – Create Unit Topics

Create a topic for every unit in your curriculum to help organize assignments.

4 – Copy a Class

Once you’ve created a resources topic and all of your unit topics, it’s time to copy this class to efficiently create all of your other classes.

5 – Add Rosters

Have students manually enter a class code, or use your Skyward username to quickly send invitations to your classes.

6 – Add Guardian Emails

Add guardian emails by clicking “Invite guardians.”

7 – Create an Assignment

  • Select “Make a copy for each student” when uploading a Google file.
  • Number assignments for organization in Classroom and Google Drive

8 – Grade Assignments

Grade, add private comments, and make suggestions. Click here for a detailed overview of how to give feedback.

Grades and Feedback

Helpful Resources

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