Most of the videos below are designed to be quick and to the point. To learn more, see the Desmos official training site,

Classroom Activities

Go to to find an activity, or click below for a list of potential activities for your content area.

Implementing an Activity

Create Class Code & Open Dashboard

Sign in with Google and click “Create Class Code.” Then, click “View Dashboard” to open activity and share code with students.

Anonymize Names

Anonymize student names by clicking the “Anonymize” button. This is helpful to display student work without fear of embarrassment.

Pacing Tool

It’s helpful to complete the activity yourself before class to anticipate when to lock kids into screens or give more freedom to move ahead.

Summary Tab

Use the summary tab to view student progress and make decisions about what teacher moves to make.

Teacher Tab

Use the teacher tab to see individual responses and a summary of responses for each screen. The snapshot feature is outstanding in this tab. Read below to see more!

Student Tab

Use the student tab to see the view the students have on their computers.



Watch this detailed overview of the vision behind snapshots. Read the 5 Practices book for more!

Adding Snapshots

Use snapshots to display work in order to generate class discussion. This can also be useful for analyzing errors.

Adding Snapshots from Phone

See something off the screen you want to display? Send a magic link to your phone!

Create Your Own Activity

Want to create your own? Go to for a detailed breakdown.

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