Ping Pong Lottery

Act 1:

Which number did he pull?

First things first, you may be thinking, “What’s with the toaster box?” It looked like a good size and was available as a frugal option.

I’d start this lesson before Act 1 by doing this Estimation 180 type task. How many ping pong balls are in the bag?

Package Picture

Here’s the reveal:

From there, I’d jump into Act 1 and begin the big task for the day.

Act 2:

What information would be useful to figure this out?

The students may be tempted to assume that 144 balls are in the box (based on the Estimation intro). So, I included the fill height.

Height - Width
As well as the depth…


And the ball diameter…

Ball Dimensions

Finally, I gave the total #1 balls in the box and set up a ratio for the other numbers. The students won’t know the exact number of balls (there are 99) so they will have to rely on their volume calculations from above.

Ball Count

Act 3:


What would happen if the ratio was 2:3:1?

What would happen if he pulled 5 balls out before picking the winner?

Official Lesson Page:

What did I miss? How can this be improved?

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