This curriculum is based on a schedule with 50 minute classes. Here is a Google Drive folder with every handout, another folder with an answer key for every handout in the first semester, and a video playlist showing how to create visuals in GeoGebra. Also, many problems throughout the curriculum, including all multiple choice questions, are released items retrieved from ACT, New Visions, PARCCPSAT, SAT, and TEA. Finally, check out the pedagogy page to see snapshots of how to implement these lessons.

1st Nine Weeks

Day 1 – Laying the Foundation for Groupwork
Day 2 – Distance Formula
Day 3 – Distance Formula (Day 2)
Day 4 – Distance Formula (Day 3) [Chromebooks]
Day 5 – Midpoint Formula [Chromebooks]
Day 6 – Partitions/Midpoint Formula
Day 7 – Midpoint & Distance Formula
Day 8 – Concept Quiz: Distance & Midpoint Formula
Day 9 – Introduce & Play with Angles [Chromebooks]
Day 10 – Identifying Angles
Day 11 – Angle Pairs
Day 12 – Angle Pairs: Vertical Angles Focus
Day 13 – Angle Pairs (Day 3)
Day 14 – Always, Sometimes, Never
Day 15 – Angle Pairs (Day 5) [Chromebooks]
Day 16 – Angle Pairs (Day 6)
Day 17 – Concept Quiz: Angle Pairs
Day 18 – Parallel Lines & Transversals [Chromebooks]
Day 19 – Parallel Lines & Transversals (Day 2)
Day 20 – Parallel Lines & Transversals (Day 3)
Day 21 – Parallel Lines & Transversals (Day 4)
Day 22 – Intro to Proof / Proving Parallel Lines & Transversals [Chromebooks]
Day 23 – Proving Parallel Lines & Transversals (Day 2)
Day 24 – Proving Parallel Lines & Transversals (Day 3) [Chromebooks]
Day 25 – Concept Quiz: Parallel Lines & Transversals
Day 26 – Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
Day 27 – Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines (Day 2)
Day 28 – Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines (Day 3)
Day 29 – Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines (Day 4) [Chromebooks]
Day 30 – Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines (Day 5) [Chromebooks]
Day 31 – Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines (Day 6) [Chromebooks]
Day 32 – Concept Quiz: Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
Day 33 – Review for District Test
Day 34 – Transformations: Introduction [Chromebooks]
Day 35 – Translations [Chromebooks]
Day 36 – Reflections
Day 37 – Reflections (Day 2)
Day 38 – Reflections (Day 3)

2nd Nine Weeks

Day 39 – Concept Quiz: Reflections
Day 40 – Rotations
Day 41 – Rotations (Day 2)
Day 42 – Rotations (Day 3)
Day 43 – Rotations (Day 4)
Day 44 – Concept Quiz: Rotations
Day 45 – Compositions of Transformations [Chromebooks]
Day 46 – Compositions of Transformations (Day 2) [Chromebooks]
Day 47 – Compositions of Transformations (Day 3)
Day 48 – Compositions of Transformations (Day 4) [Chromebooks]
Day 49 – Concept Quiz: Compositions of Transformations
Day 50 – Angles of Triangles [Chromebooks]
Day 51 – Angles of Triangles (Day 2)
Day 52 – Intro to Triangle Congruence
Day 53 – Rigid Motions & Congruence
Day 54 – Triangle Congruence Criteria [Chromebooks]
Day 55 – Triangle Congruence Proofs
Day 56 – Triangle Congruence Proofs (Day 2)
Day 57 – Triangle Congruence Proofs (Day 3)
Day 58 – Triangle Congruence Proofs (Day 4)
Day 59 – Triangle Congruence Proofs (Day 5)
Day 60 – Triangle Congruence Proofs (Day 6)
Day 61 – Triangle Congruence Proofs (Day 7)
Day 62 – Concept Quiz: Triangle Congruence Proofs
Day 63 – Properties of Parallelograms [Chromebooks]
Day 64 – Properties of Parallelograms (Day 2)
Day 65 – Properties of Parallelograms (Day 3) [Chromebooks]
Day 66 – Properties of Parallelograms (Day 4)
Day 67 – Properties of Parallelograms (Day 5)
Day 68 – Concept Quiz: Properties of Parallelograms
Day 69 – Dilations [Chromebooks]
Day 70 – Dilations (Day 2)
Day 71 – Dilations (Day 3) [Chromebooks]
Day 72 – Dilations (Day 4)
Day 73 – Dilations (Day 5) [Chromebooks]
Day 74 – Concept Quiz: Dilations
Day 75 – Review for District Test [Chromebooks]
Day 76 – Similarity [Chromebooks]
Day 77 – Similarity (Day 2)
Day 78 – Similarity (Day 3) [Chromebooks]
Day 79 – Similarity (Day 4)

3rd Nine Weeks

Day 80 – Similarity (Day 5)
Day 81 – Similarity (Day 6)
Day 82 – Similarity (Day 7) [Chromebooks]
Day 83 – Concept Quiz: Similarity
Day 84 – Pythagorean Theorem
Day 85 – Special Right Triangles
Day 86 – Special Right Triangles (Day 2)
Day 87 – Special Right Triangles (Day 3) [Chromebooks]
Day 88 – Special Right Triangles (Day 4)
Day 89 – Special Right Triangles (Day 5)
Day 90 – Special Right Triangles (Day 6)
Day 91 – Concept Quiz: Special Right Triangles
Day 92 – Similar Right Triangles (Geometric Mean)
Day 93 – Trigonometry
Day 94 – Trigonometry (Day 2)
Day 95 – Trigonometry (Day 3)
Day 96 – Trigonometry (Day 4)
Day 97 – Trigonometry (Day 5)
Day 98 – Trigonometry (Day 6)
Day 99 – Right Triangles Altogether
Day 100 – Right Triangles Altogether (Day 2)
Day 101 – Concept Quiz: Trigonometry
Day 102 – Circles Introduction [Chromebooks]
Day 103 – Central & Inscribed Angles
Day 104 – Central & Inscribed Angles (Day 2)
Day 105 – Angles Outside the Circle
Day 106 – Other Circle Angles
Day 107 – All Circle Angles
Day 108 – All Circle Angles (Day 2)
Day 109 – All Circle Angles (Day 3)
Day 110 – Concept Quiz: Angles of Circles
Day 111 – Chords of Circles
Day 112 – Segments of Circles
Day 113 – Segments of Circles (Day 2)
Day 114 – Review for District Test [Chromebooks]
Day 115 – Equations of Circles [Chromebooks]
Day 116 – Equations of Circles (Day 2) [Chromebooks]
Day 117 – Sector Area [Chromebooks]
Day 118 – Sector Area (Day 2)

4th Nine Weeks

Day 119 – Arc Length
Day 120 – Arc Length (Day 2)
Day 121 – Sector Area & Arc Length
Day 122 – Concept Quiz: Sector Area & Arc Length
Day 123 – Radians
Day 124 – Angles of Polygons
Day 125 – Angles of Polygons (Day 2)
Day 126 – Area of Regular Polygons
Day 127 – Area of Regular Polygons (Day 2)
Day 128 – Area of Composite Figures
Day 129 – Area of Composite Figures (Day 2)
Day 130 – Area of Composite Figures (Day 3)
Day 131 – Area of Composite Figures (Day 4)
Day 132 – Area of Composite Figures (Day 5) [Chromebooks]
Day 133 – Concept Quiz: Area of Composite Figures
Day 134 – Effects of Changing Dimensions
Day 135 – Surface Area: Prisms
Day 136 – Surface Area: Prisms & Cylinders
Day 137 – Surface Area: Pyramids & Cones
Day 138 – Surface Area: Spheres
Day 139 – Surface Area: Composite Figures
Day 140 – Surface Area Altogether
Day 141 – Concept Quiz: Surface Area
Day 142-144 – Surface Area Project
Day 145 – Volume [Chromebooks]
Day 146 – Volume: Prisms & Cylinders
Day 147 – Volume: Pyramids & Cones
Day 148 – Volume: Spheres
Day 149 – Volume: Composite Figures
Day 150 – Surface Area & Volume Altogether
Day 151 – Surface Area & Volume Altogether (Day 2)
Day 152 – Concept Quiz: Volume
Day 153 – Probability
Day 154 – Probability (Day 2)
Day 155 – Probability (Day 3)
Day 156 – Probability (Day 4)
Day 157 – Probability (Day 5)
Day 158 – Probability (Day 6)
Day 159 – Review for District Test

25 thoughts on “Geometry

  1. I teach algebra I and geometry. I found your website when looking into standards based grading this past August. I liked your format for SBG, and looked at your curriculum. I have been using it this year, with some minor changes. I really like the geometry and how it is flowing. My students have been learning about parallel lines crossed by a transversal, and I’m about to introduce proofs. I’m excited to do this with the mazes! Thank you for sharing all of this. I know you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. It’s nice to find so many great resources in one place.
    I’m using some of the algebra work, but had to slow it down a little at the start. Most of my students weren’t ready for where your curriculum started. I will keep using resources from your curriculum, though, and I’m following your units and quiz techniques.
    Once again, thank you! !!

    1. Sarah,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it. I’m glad it’s been useful so far! This is my first year teaching Geometry, so it’ll have to be adjusted over time. If you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to hear about/see some of the changes you made! Feel free to reply here or email me if that’s easier.

      Thanks again!

  2. I just stumbled onto your blog and am blown away! Thank you so much for sharing all of this. You’ve clearly put a lot of time and energy into it. You rock!

  3. Hey Dane,

    You mentioned before your school’s resource is Big Ideas….Do you ever use the Student Journals or Textbooks for anything during your lesson’s or for homework problems outside of class?

    1. Hey Jake,

      I mainly use the book to find more challenging questions and to help guide the order I teach topics. I don’t use student journals. Everything on the curriculum page here is what I give in class. I don’t give homework. Thanks for the questions!

      1. I appreciate your response! Thank you very much. Again, I absolutely love what you have done with the Geometry curriculum and I am going to try to follow this model and use what you have! I’ve looked through just about everything and love how you engage the students and work through lots of different activities throughout the class. I like how you do ungraded formative assessments to see where kids are at, I like the spiraling idea, and I really like the concepts quizzes and how it relates to standards based grading. Last question….If I use all of these resources this coming year in my geometry class should I be making copies of all the google docs and keeping them in my drive so I have them and I know they won’t change? I ask that out of fear of losing the documents because of things that get changed or deleted or if for some reason the site ever went away and I didn’t have access to these materials halfway through the year all of a sudden and I haven’t made my own copies in my google drive. Any thoughts on that?

        Also I am REALLY looking forward to see what you end up doing with Algebra, as I see it’s a work in progress and lots of links are under construction and being edited. Do you plan on updating that throughout this school year by chance?

      2. Thanks so much again for the positive feedback, Jake! It really means a lot. Although I don’t plan on getting rid of the site at any point, it may be a good idea to make copies of the documents because I usually update them here and there each year. I’ll always have the docs posted, but the content may change depending on student needs or new ideas. Also, I am planning on updating the Algebra 1 materials throughout this school year. It’ll probably be a slow process.

    1. Hey Stephen,

      I covered quadrilaterals on days 100-104. However, that is a unit that I’m thinking about tweaking. This curriculum was based on my first year of teaching Geometry, so I’m still learning! Thoughts on what should be changed?

  4. Hey Dane,

    I love your website! Do your students have access to this website or is there a separate website that you give to your students?

  5. Dane,

    I noticed that sometimes you don’t include concept quizzes that cover material taught. For example, segments of circles seem to not be assessed. I assume there is a good reason behind it though. I would appreciate it if you could explain to me why so I can have a deeper understanding of your thought process behind teaching material and concept quizzes.

    Thank you,
    Kevin Grogaard

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for the question. When planning out a course, I try to choose the 20 most important concepts (based on state standards and feedback from teachers on my team and higher level content areas) to assess. From there, I spend the bulk of our time teaching those top 20, and I only quiz those top 20. Here’s a detailed breakdown of why and how to do this. The segments of circles unit was a tough one to determine whether or not to quiz, but I decided not to because it seemed too reliant on formulas (at least from my new to Geometry teaching perspective). I decided that I didn’t have enough time to go as in-depth as needed for a quiz, so I taught the basics and moved on to more important topics.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Hey Dane, I started implementing some of the online activities in my class and they have gone great! I was wondering if you touch on the centers of triangles at all (orthocenter, centroid, circumcenter)?

    1. Hey Stephen,

      Thanks for the encouragement! I’m happy to hear that they are going well.

      In our state, points of concurrency is not in the standards, so I left it out of the curriculum. However, I did teach it a couple years ago, and here are the lessons. It didn’t seem to flow well, so look through them with caution.

      Let me know if that helps!

  7. Thank you soooo much for all your hard work! You have made my life much easier. I was wondering if you have a Google drive for Geometry like you do for Algebra.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad the site is useful. At this time, the Geometry Google Drive is a work in progress. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be ready until the end of this school year.

  8. I’m a first year teacher and you have lit up my life with these problems. They are everything I was looking for and aspiring to. I also love that I can teach them in my own way.

    Thank you from Seattle!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words, Maddie! I really appreciate it and am glad the site has been useful. Feel free to send questions or feedback for improvement any time.

      Good luck with the rest of the school year!

  9. This curriculum is amazing, thank you!!! It’s saved me as a new Geometry teacher!!! Do you have a folder or document with all the geometry problems you’ve pulled from from ACT, New Visions, PARCC, PSAT, SAT, and TEA?

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate it and am glad the site has been useful.

      Unfortunately, I do not have a folder or document with those problems. I used to, but I got rid of them once the problems were placed in the curriculum. Sorry about that!

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