Apple Park

3 Act Math, Daily Overview

Act 1

1. How long would it take the average person to walk around the entire building?
2. Write down a guess.

First, the timer is in the format HH:MM:SS:FFF. Therefore, the amount of time the person has walked so far is 2 minutes 34 seconds and 43 hundredths of a second.

Second, the image is from Daily Overview. Here’s the description from the site:

37.334185°, -122.009930°

Apple Park is the corporate headquarters of Apple Inc., located in Cupertino, California, USA. It was opened to employees in April 2017, superseding the original “Apple Campus,” which opened in 1993. Currently, more than 12,000 employees work in the four-story office building, which has a circumference of _____________ and a floor area of 2.8 million square feet (260,000 square meters).

Act 2

3. What information would be useful to figure this out?
4. Write down some questions you have in your head right now.


Note: Let’s assume the walking path is exactly in the middle of the building walls. Therefore, we can divide the 188 feet in half to help determine the diameter of the walking circle in the video.

Average Human Walking Speed

Act 3

Common Core Standards
Know the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle and use them to solve problems; give an informal derivation of the relationship between the circumference and area of a circle.
Determine the circumference and area of circles


Daily Overview / Satellite imagery courtesy of Digital Globe / Benjamin Grant

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