Google Docs

Quick Tip

Typing Math in Google Docs

Two Menus

Most math symbols can be found in either the equation menu or the special characters menu.


Quick tip: To help with printing readability, change the fraction to a larger font size. Size 18 font is usually ideal.

Degree Symbol

Type “degree” in the search bar of the special characters menu.

Square Roots / Radicals

Use the equation menu to type the square root symbol.


Type the base, arrow to the right one space, then type the exponent.

Creating a Digital Notebook

1 – Use Headings

Use the heading feature to label key days and features in the notebook.

2 – Enable Document Outline View

As the pages increase, it becomes frustrating to scroll through the document. Use the document outline view to quickly reach headings in the notebook.

3 – Create a Table of Contents

Link to specific headings within the document for organized, quick access.

4 – Insert Images

Insert images from your computer, Google Drive, or straight from a Google search.

5 – Insert Page Numbers

Insert page numbers for additional organization.

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